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[Last night, while eating dinner...]

Iain: I almost got in a fight on the way home tonight.

Liss: You did?! What happened?

Iain: I was at the garage [gas station] at the top of the road, buying soda, and there was this fooking guy in froonta me wearing a t-shirt wif the Nazi Waffen-SS symbol on the back, the double lightning, and underneaf it said: "Support yer local white boy."

Liss: Are you kidding me?

Iain: I know, right? So I said tae him, "Dude, d'ye know yer wearing a shirt wif the Nazi SS symbol on it?" And the fooking guy goes, "Yeah, ye got a problem wif that?"

Liss: Babe, fuck!

Iain: I know. So I said, "I'd hope ye would have a problem wif Hitler killing millions of innocent people." And he said, "They weren't innocent," blah blah blah, and I said, "Yer an arsehole!"

Liss: What did he say?!

Iain: He stared me doon, like he was considering gaeing for it, and then said, "Fook you!" and left.

Liss: Thank Maude.

Iain: Yeah, he was a big guy. I'll be honest wif ya; if it had come tae blows, it coulda gone eifer way.

Liss: [laughing nervously] I always say if you're going to risk getting the shit kicked out of you, make sure it's for a good cause.

Iain: Too'ally.

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