In Thanks for Those Who Get It

by Shaker Ali_K

As progressives and progressives in training, we see a lot of shit in the world that most people seem to be blind to. It can be incredibly frustrating, but every so often we happen across someone who just gets it. Maybe it's someone we don't expect to get it, maybe it's someone who consistently (or almost consistently) gets it but it's still refreshing to see every time (the Shakesville crew, Sarah Haskins, Jay Smooth, etc.), maybe it's someone who gets it even when we don't, maybe it's someone we just hope gets it but we dare not hope too much for fear of disappointment. Whatever the case may be, when someone does get it, it's as if the angels sing and kittens frolic in rainbows. It's beautiful.

So thank you to those who get it. Thank you to the (small town in a conservative state) jury in my attempted rape trial who heard my testimony and then asked if the defendant was charged with attempted murder also, and if not then why the hell not?* Thank you to the judge in that same trial who sentenced my attempted rapist to 80 years, for me and for the women and girls who came before me. Thank you to the friends who actively booed the sexist commercials during out last Super Bowl watching party. Thank you to the league organizers who took seriously our complaints about the sexist comments coming from another team. Thank you for getting it.

What about you, Shakers—what examples of getting it have you seen recently?


* OK so I might be paraphrasing a bit.

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