Excuses, excuses

[Trigger warning - the article linked describes the deaths of several people, and may be triggering for some readers]

Six people murdered in Tennessee and Alabama, when yet again, a man was unable to grasp the idea that people get to not want to be with him, and they don't have to die for it.

Another passivity fest: "domestic dispute", "the deaths happened", et c., et c.. Maud forbid we actually suggest this fuckneck intentionally killed half a dozen people for the crime of being relatives or acquaintances of his ex-partner.

No. Just no.

How about: "Big fucking murdering asshole couldn't be content with throwing his toys out the pram".

Next time someone says "Why didn't she just leave?", send them this link.

Tip of the CaitieCatChapeau to Shaker ginmar for the heads-up.

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