Bush Surveillance Extended Beyond Wiretapping

It's a mighty coinkydink that this report was delivered just in time for the Friday Afternoon News Hole (emphasis mine):
The Bush administration authorized secret surveillance activities that still have not been made public, according to a new government report that questions the legal basis for the unprecedented anti-terrorism program.

It's unclear how much valuable intelligence was yielded by the surveillance program started after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, according to the unclassified summary of reports by five inspectors general. The reports mandated by Congress last year were delivered to lawmakers Friday.

President George W. Bush authorized other secret intelligence activities — which have yet to become public — even as he was launching the massive warrentless wiretapping program, the summary said. It describes the entire program as the "President's Surveillance Program."

The report describes the program as unprecedented and raises questions about the legal grounding used for its creation. It also says the intelligence agencies' continued retention and use of the information collected under the program should be carefully monitored.

...The report also questions the legal advice used by President Bush to set up the program, pinpointing omissions and questionable legal memos written by Yoo at the Justice Department.
I don't even know what to say anymore. I've been shouting about this shit for five years; there can't possibly be anything left to say I haven't said a thousand times before. I am spent.

And we've got a government who doesn't give a fuck, anyway. We've got to move on from the rage and recriminations, our new president admonishes us, as if civility is more important than civil rights.

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