News, According to the Politico

Some dude griping about a First Lady who has the shameless gall to make use of her position.

And not just any old griping, but the sort of griping that warrants a headline like "Queen Michelle the First?" and an accompanying image of First Lady Michelle Obama caught applauding while wearing an expression in which could be read vague haughtiness, by those who want to find it:

[Click to embiggen.]

And the sort of griping that has to include retroactive snipes at (yawn) former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
Washington insiders haven't seen a first lady this ambitious since Hillary Clinton, without question the most powerful holder of that unofficial office.

Clinton put herself in charge of her husband's plans to radically reform health care, and the nation is still paying the price for her mistakes.

While the failure of the Clinton administration's health care agenda had many causes, she made some missteps that a more experienced Washington policymaker would not have made. And because she was the spouse of the president, it was very tough for anyone to tell her husband that things were going badly.
Yes, the thing that was really missing from the healthcare debate back in the '90s was more criticism of Hillary Clinton.

And because the author—Jeremy Mayer, whose credentials are given as "director of George Mason University's master's program in public policy," which I'm not certain is relevant expertise regarding what the First Lady's role ought to be; silly me, I thought that was for the First Lady to decide for herself—just wasn't content with his diminishment of Hillary Clinton as lady-remora, he moved on to further yawn-inducing slams against Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney.

How not to show you don't have an agenda while talking about Michelle Obama's role as First Lady: Shame other women who had the temerity to refuse to exist solely as their husbands' accessories.

Truly abysmal.

[H/T to Shaker SamanthaB.]

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