Breaking News: Beth Ditto Is Fat

The Daily Mail manages to point out that Beth Ditto is fat three times in one headline: "Fashion's big fat lie about Kate Moss's big fat friend: Size zero brigade embrace a token chubby-chops." Big, fat, and chubby? I still think they could do better.

"Fashion's big fat lie about Kate Moss's big fat chunky lardass of a friend, the potbellied porcine Beth Ditto, zaftig frontwoman of The Gossip: Size zero brigade embrace, but can barely fit their arms around the rotund curves of, a token corpulent chubby-chops. And did we mention she's a fatty-fat-fat? FAT!"

Come on, Daily Mail. You're barely trying.

[H/T to Shaker Jessika, who notes: "The magazine cover and the picture of her smiling in the silver dress are great. Just ignore the words," a recommendation I second.]

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