Another Reason to Love Sidney Crosby

by Shaker Icca, a Pittsburgh native and fan.

Those of you who don't know, the Penguins won the Stanley Cup last Friday, and Pittsburgh's been celebrating full-force. And it's little surprise that a local radio station—the one that plays Pens games on the air—got an interview with the 21-year-old team captain, Sidney Crosby.

The radio host can be rather misogynistic and I dreaded him having Crosby on, afraid that he'd pull the captain into sexist chat and thus ruin my good feelings about the win. But I wasn't going to let that keep me from listening to Crosby—and was I ever glad that I did!

The majority of the interview (podcast) is sports talk, but in the last segment, maybe the last two minutes of the interview, host Mark Madden starts asking more chatty questions. It's no surprise that the first one goes straight for the misogyny, but Crosby doesn't take the bait and answers with grace:
Madden: Now if you take the Stanley Cup to a bar, or a beach, or a restaurant—Sid, I gotta figure the chicks come running. Is that the case so far?

Crosby: Ah, it's incredible—it's incredible the attention that, that, the cup gets—it's—it's amazing. I mean, I've never seen anything like that. Whether you're a hockey fan or not, it just sticks out. It's just—people want to see it. Um, like you said, I'm sure girls like to see it, just like anyone else...
I love my team.

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