WoW/Shakesville Update

by Shaker UrsusRufus

The World of Warcraft-playing Shakers have come together on Steamwheedle Cartel and inaugurated a feminist, LBGTQI-friendly, socially progressive and as-democratic-as-we-can-make-it Guild: the Monstrous Regiment. We welcome all mature, progressive, and tolerant players to join us on the side of the Alliance to fight the Lich King and immature bigotry in Azeroth. While the core group so far are Shakesville posters, commenters, and lurkers, we voted to welcome anyone with similar ideals and a love of pwnage to join the Regiment.

We currently have a Yahoo!Group, now called MonstrousRegiment (doing it with a space between words was already taken), wherein we have run polls for what types and eventually what specific server to populate, whether to ally with the Horde or the Alliance, and nominations and polling for guild names. The Group also supports a database of character/avatars we play, both on Steamwheedle Cartel and other servers.

The proposed Guild Structure is the regular membership, with voting and Guild Bank privileges; a lower, probationary membership without Guild Bank access but with full voting rights; and a higher prestige rank that doesn't actually confer more rights, but just reflects that you've volunteered to help do things in service to the guild (organizing raids, public relations, web-page design, being the target nominal guild leader, and other such things). Titles for the ranks have yet to be decided on, but discussion on the Yahoo!Group will eventually lead to polls on that, too. We want to keep things democratic—which is a rarity in WoW—so a great many more polls will spring up now that we have a name.

If you play WoW, and would like to join us, look up MonstrousRegiment on Yahoo!Groups or email

Shakesville is run as a safe space. First-time commenters: Please read Shakesville's Commenting Policy and Feminism 101 Section before commenting. We also do lots of in-thread moderation, so we ask that everyone read the entirety of any thread before commenting, to ensure compliance with any in-thread moderation. Thank you.

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