Quote of the Day

"Let's just say if I wanted to read—if I wanted to read a write-up of how Manchester United fared in the Champion's League cup, I might open up a British newspaper. If I was looking for something that bordered on truthful news, I am not entirely sure [British papers] would be the first stack of clips I picked up."White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs earlier today, denying the veracity of the report in the Telegraph that there exist pictures of US soldiers, translators, and/or interrogators raping detainees.

You know what? Fuck you, Gibbs. And fuck you, Obama, for letting your spokesman get away with pulling the same "ooh, Europe, grody!" shit that the Bushies used to pull. It's disrespectful, it's insipid, it's evasive, and it's colossally hypocritical, given the state of the American media, who, last I checked, were key players in reporting bullshit to get us into the very war whence the detainee abuse comes.

And I see like all of your other "principled stances," restoring America's reputation in the world is also negotiable the moment it's useful to trash-talk another country to cover your own ass.

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