Question of the Day

Earlier today, Deeks and I were talking about how much the film version of Capote's novella Breakfast at Tiffany's sucks, with its lightened Golighty, yellowfaced Rooney, and Wherefore the Mo, as our aspiring writer/gigolo/narrator is replaced by (per Deeks) "not just a hetero, but a super-hetero, one that is so manly and hetero that women actually pay him to sleep with them, that's how hetero he is. He's hetero!" Add tacked-on cheesy romantic ending and voila!—total crap.

Today's QotD is: What film adaptation whose source material you enjoy do you consider to be utterly unwatchable?

(By source material, I'm excluding screenplays and previous motion picture iterations, so we're not talking remakes or TV shows made into movies, but a novel, novella, short story, graphic novel, comic book, poem, song, etc.)

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