Melissa's Totes Boyfriend has Epic Flounce from Blogging

Flouncity flounceOMG NO WAYS!!!!11!111!!! Remember David Sirota? When we last left him, he was slobbering over an airline safety video and leaving some truly classy comments. OMG you guys no way. He's TOTALLY leaving blogging, because we all suck.
So a brief programming note: May 31st, 2009 will be my last day as a full-time political blogger, and, really, my last day as a full-time political writer of any sort. This is (obviously) a major change for me. [...] When I get back, I will no longer be employed by the Campaign for America's Future and my role here at OpenLeft will be reduced to the Morning Blogger - that is, I will be posting one post a day in the morning, and that's it. Additionally, I am curtailing most of - and likely all of - my direct political activism indefinitely.
Or not. So he's leaving blogging, except he'll still throw us proles one post a day. Snort. Harrumph.
The reason for this change is fairly simple: I'm in need of something more creative, and I want to get back to the basics of writing. It is my passion, it is what I love - and I am interested in more than just the hard-core political world, whose media (blogospheric/magazines/TV shows/etc.) and activist outlets in the Dear Leader Era I believe are becoming less and less creative, more and more sycophantic, and ultimately, completely unstimulating.

He's totally too cool to like Obama now, too, calling him "Dear Leader" and shit, ha! But wait, are you actually saying the entire blogosphere is a complete waste of time and beneath you?
I say that with an asterisk, though - and that asterisk is In These Times and OpenLeft. Those are two of the few places where I think generally creative and bold-thinking writing is still being done - by journalists, front-pagers, diarists and commenters. That's why, in fact, I am going to keep writing on a limited basis for both.
Oh, of course, the entire blogosphere totes suxxx, except for the two sites where you post. AWESUM.

In all seriousness, there's something really obnoxious about flouncing out of the blogosphere, dismissing nearly all of it (except for his sites, of course), as uncreative, unworthy of his time and/or beneath his notice. It's perfectly fine to get sick of political blogging (who doesn't?), but "sycophantic?" "Unstimulating?" Really? How did he type with his nose that high up in the air?

Liss emailed: "There's something deeply objectionable about a guy who wants to move on from political blogging, which is understandable, but, instead of taking his leave with a thanks and a tip of his hat, has to piss all over the arena in which he's no longer personally invested—and the people who populate it. And, as always, there's no sense that maybe he feels that the blogosphere is bereft of creativity, serious challenges to power, and bold thinking because he limits himself to the same tiny circle of Blogger Boiz who have made their names and money off regurgitating Democratic party-line swill and vomiting up the same contempt for 'special interests' that the rightwing does."

Some of us write purty. Some of us can't help but snark. I'm the mean one.

So, what will he do with his time?
I will continue to write my syndicated column, my upcoming new book, and monthly articles for In These Times, all of which I expect to be far less hard-core political and far-more cultural than my previous writing. It's not that I won't write about politics - it's just that I will look to mix it up a lot more.
Ooo yea, mixin' it up, 'cuz you never know what this ca-RAAZY dOOd will do! Melissa: "Upcoming new book? You mean it's upcoming and new? Fantastic!"

I'll leave you to wail in agony over this horrible, horrible news in comments. Bonus fun: Which statement makes David Sirota the coolest blogger EVAH:

Is it #1, "I'm so wild and awesome and unpredictable" Dave?
I'm making a bunch of career moves/adjustments, admittedly very quickly and very abruptly (that's how I roll, I guess).
Or is it #2, "I'm really 1995 topical Clueless" Dave?
So, when June 1st comes, and you don't see me around here for a month and a half and then when you do see me it's only on a limited basis, it's not because I'm dead and gone (at least I hope not) - it's because I'm Audi 5000.
Or is it #3, "I'm so fucking hip and badass, watch me pop my collar and turn my back on you douches" Dave?
Onward...or, as one of my favorite campaign managers used to say, onward motherfuckers.
OMG my nipples just got hard. He's just like the end of The Breakfast Club.

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