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Shaker Ailei sent awhile ago, under the amusing subject line "Chris Hitchens' asshat now grafted on permanently‏," this piece about the "unseen moments" of the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner that includes this revolting note at its end: "By the end of the night, Christopher Hitchens was of course the last man (barely) standing, and he had some choice words for the evening's headlining comedian, Wanda Sykes. 'The president should be squirming in his seat. Not smiling,' he said. 'The black dyke got it wrong. No one told her the rules.'" What a detestable fuckneck he is.

Shaker justmos writes: "Hey Liss! Below are three links to a story about a third grader in Denver who organized a marriage equality rally. The first is a video from the news about his activism. The second video is his actual rally. The third link is an article with basically all the same info. Too many times I look around at our country and wonder why people are so hateful and ignorant. It is wonderful to know that the younger (much younger) generations are turning out to be pretty amazing." Indeed.

Shaker ErinElizabeth forwards [trigger warning] the link to a United Way PSA about statutory rape, the tagline to which is: "What kind of man takes advantage of an underage girl? When it comes to sex, the term is rapist." Blunt. Powerful. And, notes EE: "No victim blaming in sight!"

Shaker Shauna sends the link to this video about a mom in Omaha who is allowing her 8-year-old born-male trans child to live as a girl as she has wanted since she was two—and they are sharing their story to advocate on behalf of trans children and encourage other families to get educated about trans issues. It's not a perfect report (the headline—"Mom lets 8-year-old boy live as girl"—sucks, and some of the questions are daft), but it's encouraging and the doctor at the end of the segment is very good. And the little girl's drawing of what she has always felt like made me blub.

Shaker The Bald Soprano forwards this link to a piece at the BBC entitled "Why XX must think like XY to earn more K," and aptly describes it: "Wherein it is argued, once again, that it's women's fault that they earn less than men. Because they don't 'think about pay like a man'. *headdesk*"

Shaker Siobhan sends news of Rumsfeld's Biblical Message-Laden Intelligence Briefs: "ABC News' Jennifer Parker reports: Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld prepared top-secret military intelligence briefs for former President George W. Bush with cover sheets featuring triumphant images from the Iraq war with 'Crusades-like' Bible messages, according to an exclusive report (pdf) in the latest June issue of GQ magazine." The covers are here.

Shaker Reedme sends this article about a study (pdf) which has found that 75% of women under the age of 65 are "uninsured, underinsured, had problems paying medical bills or accessing needed care."
Overall, the study says, women had more trouble than men getting medical care and paying for it.

Specifically, according to the study, "Women at Risk: Why Many Women Are Forgoing Needed Health Care," 52 percent of working-age women reported problems accessing care because of the cost compared with 39 percent of men. It also says 45 percent of women delayed or did not get a cancer screening or dental care compared with 36 percent of men.

Why the gender difference?

"Compared with men," the study says, "women require more health care services during their reproductive years (ages 18 to 45), have higher out-of-pocket medical costs, and have lower average incomes."

Shaker Jim H in Indiana sends news of another first for women in Indy Car racing and the Indy 500: "When Venezuelan driver Milka Duno qualified Sunday for the 93rd Indianapolis 500, it gave team member Anna Chatten the chance to make 500 history on May 24. Chatten, who works on the No. 23 Dreyer & Reinbold entry's gearbox, also lifts the car with an air jack during pit stops on race day. It's believed she will be the first female crew member 'over the wall' in this race, according to 500 historian Donald Davidson."

Shaker Natbsat sends along the Good Vibrations Lack Table from IkeaHacker for a bit of fun. All I can think is what a very interesting ladies' tea party that table could make!

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