Friday Blogaround

Happy Friday, Shakers! I've been away for the past week, but I'm back and catching up on blogs. Here is what I've been reading this morning:

Zuska: Zuska's Outreach Project for D00dly D00ds. As part of her ongoing effort to point young proto-feminist men towards good feminist books and blogs, Zuska is hosting a blogular discussion of Allan G. Johnson's The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy. Her readers will be discussing the book, one chapter a week, starting on Wednesday, May 27th.

Historiann: Lessons For Girls (I also came across this at Zuska's place, so H/T to her.)

Michael Ruhlman: Cookbooks That Teach

Language Log: MSM Science Bait

Christine Miserandino: Book Review: Revised and Updated - Coping with Prednisone

Marc Fitten: Marc Fitten's Indie 100
I'm going on an extensive book tour in support of my new novel, VALERIA'S LAST STAND. Only, to spice things up, I've decided that while I'm on the road, I will visit 100 independent book stores and blog about what I think makes them unique. It's a road trip, from city to city -- 100 stores, as long as it takes.
(H/T Maud Newton)

Cognitive Daily: Musicians have better memory--not just for music, but words and pictures too. Dave Munger responds to the American Idol Finale as only a cognitive scientist can!

Nisha Chittal at Racialicious: The Mainstream Media Ignored Delara Darabi. New Media Didn't

Leave your links, folks!

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