Operation Lawn Chair: An Epistolary Post

In which I substitute a (slightly edited) email exchange between myself and Liss for an actual post, since people have been doing that lately. Oh, and this one has pictures!

Friday, March 27, 2009:
SKM: OK, so I must have Spring Fever, because these J. Crew stretch chinos (on eBay) look like they ought to be made of vinyl and cleaned with a damp sponge:
...and yet I kind of want them! What's WRONG with me?!

Liss: LOL! I don't know -- I'm pretty sure those cruise pretty comfortably right past ugly and back around to fuckin' cool.

They also look like a fine excuse to buy a gorgeous green stone necklace at Etsy -- you know, the kind that being a woman in her mid-30s finally grants one the maturity and carriage that one can wear them without looking like she's playing dress-up.

SKM: Thanks--now I want the deck chair pants AND a green stone necklace!

Liss: Do you know what's funny? I'm working on a post right now titled "The Best $6.95 I Ever Spent" about something I bought on Etsy a few days ago and just arrived in the mail.

I love it with the power of 10,000 suns.

SKM: I feel better about the world knowing that [your Golden Girls Scrabble tile pendant] exists.

Liss: I think the only thing that could make my post about my pendant any better is if it were followed up by a post about your (?) pants. :-)

The following morning, with the subject line "Operation Lawn Chair is Go!":

SKM: There was a showdown at the South Beach Corral last night, and I prevailed. Without raising my bid. I guess the other folks just didn't want to look like lawn chairs badly enough. But as my little sister pointed out, "wait, isn't lawn chair in? What about Nora on Project Runway, Season One?" It was actually made of lounge chairs!

To which I would add, Kenley did that too in the last season (and yes, those are dodge balls on the poor model's bosom):

Much of Kenley's other work, while not actually made of pool-side furniture, certainly looked to be reclaimed from loungers at a Days Inn in Florida:

I guess we'll see if I can Make It Work!

Liss: Btw, did you hear that Kenley was just arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend with, among other things, their cat? Seriously.

And sure enough, gentle readers, my Crazy Spring Lawn Chair Pants arrived, just in time....for freezing weather and snow:

There was exactly one sunbeam in Pittsburgh yesterday, among all the snowflakes

I can hear Tim Gunn's voice telling me to "think about editing", but what the hell--it's been a long winter, people!

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