I Get More Letters

Petulant just emailed me:
I am a gay male progressive, who enjoys reading your blog, Shakesville.

I don't care for the personal posts that concern your conversations with your husband. They have nothing to do with the Progressive movement. These personal asides divert from the more substantive issues at hand. Not every reader cares that you're married to a haggis loving Scot. He may be entertaining in your world, but does nothing for the cause at hand.

Loose the Scot! And concentrate on what is important!

What the hell does Shaker Gourmet have to do but make everyone fatter. Most of those recipes are very unhealthy.
In the words of the man himself: HA!

I would also like to note that when I told him I was posting it, he instructed me: "Just change 'lose' to 'loose' for a more dramatic effect!" LOL.

[Background. ETA: And, in case it's not clear, Petulant was being profoundly sarcastic just to make me laugh. Mission accomplished!]

UPDATE: This just in from Shaker RedSonja:
Dear Melissa,

I am a fat straight woman who reads and enjoys Shakesville. Mostly. However, I am sick and tired of all the posts about MEN! I see men everyday and can go to any number of blogs to read about them. If you MUST write about men, please move it to a different site (might I suggest Wangsville?) so that I don't have to read it. I would prefer to limit discussion to MY wants and needs; namely alcohol, cute animals, and Harrison Ford. Oh, and assholes.

Serious, serious case of the giggles here, Shakers.

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