How to "Tick Off the Devil"

1. Get chosen by God.
2. Develop incurable disease.
3. Dance, Dance, Dance!

My sister, TheLadyEve, just sent me an email with this trailer for Christian production company Uplifting Entertainment's new movie, C Me Dance. She writes,
Okay, so, I don't know if you are familiar with Uplifting Entertainment [...] but they have a new film: "C Me Dance." It caught my eye because it is set in Pittsburgh, but the notes on the website are what made me write you.

They state on the site: "Marketing Note: This movie is a chick flick with a manifested menacing devil. This will attract a wide demo of men and women."

I can only assume that they are implying that "chick flick" will attract women, and "the menacing devil" will attract men, which really says bad things about men and women. So their marketing department basically just dissed all of humanity.


It is "Step Up 2: The Streets" but with Satan and doves. And a rare blood disease. What would Jesus do? Jesus would have a dance off.
Aside from LOLing at the dance-off comment, I'm not sure where to begin-- with the idea that contracting an incurable disease is being "chosen by God"? How about the notion that dudes love the devil? Or with the fact that, once again, gender stereotype-based marketing sells everyone short? Just thinking about it is giving me sentence fragments. So, I will merely submit the material and let you, dear readers, decide.

Uplifting Entertainment thinks this trailer is suitable for all audiences, but there is one bloody second in it that visually references crucifixion, so skip to the transcript if you want to avoid that.

[sappy music]
Text on screen: A GENTLE ART
[sappy music]
Text on screen: FROM A GENTLE SOUL
Sheri: I just wanted to dance and hang out, dad, and now, all of this.
Dr. Beth Crowl: Unfortunately she’s in the advanced stages, and treatment’s not going to help. I’m sorry.
Sherri [crying]: Please!
Vince: It’s OK.
Sherri: Daddy, I’m so scared.
Text on screen: WILL CHANGE HEARTS
Jacob: When you looked at me...[shot of bloody arm]...I saw God.
Text on screen: FROM A SINGLE TOUCH
Vince: I know this sounds weird, Sherri, but it’s as if God has chosen you. And if that’s the truth? Man, this is gonna tick off the Devil!
Text on screen: WILL FACE EVIL
Sherri: It’s...Him!
Manifested Menacing Devil: “Na oom ash ta tey ah! “ (phonetic—if it means anything, please let me know what it says, and in what language)
[Fiery Truck Crash]
Manifested Menacing Devil [In Dad’s ear]: Yes. I do.
[Random screaming]
Woman in Water: Save me!
Woman with Devil Eyes: Remember a serpent? Disguised as a dove?
[Dancing on screen]
Manifested Menacing Devil: What do you know of hell, creature?
[More dancing on screen. Song lyrics rise with the words “you’re my saving grace”]
Voice Over of Woman whispering: All you have to do is stop, and I will leave you alone.

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