Glenn Beck Is Totally Unhinged

Pretends to burn someone alive and says it's what President Obama is doing to "the average American" by pursuing immigration reform.
Beck: And President Obama apparently feeling like -- ah, I'm pretty much done, not a lot more to do, you know? I got all those things done. You know what? Why don't I work on immigration reform? Later this year he hopes to create a path for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens here in America to become legal. But yet, we haven't fixed the border and shut the water off! What a sweet, sensitive guy he really is.

...We have Bill Schultz here, he's from Red Eye. And I'm just going to demonstrate at least how I feel, all right? I feel, when I read this story last night, I don't know about you -- let's say Bill is the average American here, and I'm President Obama. This is the way I feel...
He then proceeds to douse Schultz with a clear liquid from a gas can (he promises it's actually water) and then hold up a lit match in his general vicinity.

And then he wonders why people think he's promoting a violent and paranoid right-wing worldview that is bereft of anything approaching reality.
I don't even have words.

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