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Gee whiz golly, Marriage Equality sure is a difficult and hot-button topic. We're making great strides, but how will we ever reach true equality in this country? If only there were a simple solution!

Oh, wait! Here's the Smartest Man in the World (tm) to tell us all what to do! (And by "us," I mean those of us that aren't heterosexual doodz; we can't figure it out for ourselves, amirite?)
You know what would help with marriage equality? For gay couples who have committed themselves to each other to call each other "husband" and "wife". I still hear "my partner" way too much. The more people get used to men talking about their husbands, and women talking about their wives, the easier it'll be to change the culture and, ultimately, the law.

Hey, you know what would help with marriage equality? If supposedly "progressive Democrat" heterosexual doodz that have been duped into thinking they have the answer for everything would shut their goddamn yappers for a second and consider how fucking moronic and insulting it is to suggest that everything will be okay if people just start acting like heterosexual doodz. We don't need lectures on how to self-identify; we need unconditional support, something that this big orange knucklehead has no idea how to do unless it fits into his narrow, conformist ideal.

Here's the thing, Binky. There are LGBTQI folks out there that might, gasp, disagree with you, and prefer the term "partner," or "spouse," or whatever to the term "husband and wife." Just because you're sick of hearing "partner" doesn't dismiss it as a desired term. I know it might be difficult for you to separate the definition of "partner" in this case from, oh, Law Firm Partner, but maybe you could stop sniggering for a second and respect the decision of the person using it. There are many folks out there that intensely resist the notion of conforming to a heterosexual dynamic simply to ease the discomfort of folks that, well, don't mind the gays, but do they have to be so loud about it?

Not only that, and I realize this is going to be horribly difficult to understand for someone who can't stand the "sanctimonious women's studies set," but the term "wife" may also be problematic for some women, as it can be associated with women as property exchange. I know, outside your bubble, understanding the lives of others is hard work, but bear with me here. "Wives" are sometimes still considered property, and there are women that would never want to be called someone's "wife."

(And get this! Not to blow your mind too much, but there are heterosexual couples out there that prefer the term "partner!" It takes all kinds! Woo!)

I know you're really going to have a hard time wrapping your mind around this, but your experience as a heterosexual male might just be different than a LGBTQI person. And you know something? Some of them have encountered hostile reactions when they have used the term "husband" or "wife." So, and stay with me here, you might just be wrong about this being the ultimate answer.

Fitting language into your familiar comfort zone isn't going to help with marriage equality, or any equality for LGBTQI folks, for that matter. We are not here to make your job of being an ally easier for you. There's no "I'll help you, if." You're either All-In, or you're part of the problem.

So do me a favor. The next time you have a brilliant insight for the gays, stop and think for a second before you blurt. Stop with the offensive "advice." And please, try to realize that saying "I support marriage equality" isn't the same thing as actually supporting marriage equality.

And one more thing. Blow it out your ass, Kos, you pompous, smug, overprivileged twit. You sound like Andy Rooney.

(Tip of the energy dome to Liss.)

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