From Ted Nugent With Love

In which I substitute an email conversation between myself and Liss for an actual post...

Liss: Speaking of horse's asses, you know you want to do a post about this.

Deeks: What the fuck??

Liss: Right? I mean, seriously.

Deeks: Whatever, he wants to do a hunting show, that's cool. I personally don't get the whole appeal of hunting, but hey, wevs, different strokes and all that. But what the fuck is with him and his son chasing contestants through the woods? Jebus! I think he's read "The Most Dangerous Game" one too many times.

Liss: I know! It's literally a show about Ted Nugent stalking people! Hello! And, if he teaches them "survival skills," but then catches them, he's a terrible teacher. But if he doesn't catch them, it's a terrible show. Great concept, bozos.

Deeks: So true. Your analysis vaguely reminds me of that show with Bobby Flay where he goes around to small towns and has little cook-offs with local chefs. But he loses every time. I read somewhere that the whole reason show was created was to make a very unlikeable man more likeable by having him humiliated every week by regular folk.

Liss: That is the same reason "News from Shakes Manor" was created, in which, you'll note, Iain always gets the best of me.

Deeks: Well, if you ever run out of idea for that series, I can start a new one called "You're An Asshole." Every post will just be the title and a photo of you.

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