Dear Mr. Perry

Your entitled white dude humor is some tired-ass codswallop, sir.

I was feeling a bit wound up last night, so I was still awake when David Letterman came on. Matthew Perry was the first guest. He opened with a stalking joke aimed at former Friends costar Lisa Kudrow, and finished with an all-brown-folks-look-alike-to-me-durr-hurr joke aimed at director M. Night Shyamalan.

It was not cute. The audience, however, seemed to eat it up. When Letterman asked the inevitable question about whether Perry still sees his old Friends buddies, Perry said he sees Kudrow sometimes:
Perry: She [Kudrow] doesn’t return my calls anymore, but there’s a certain section of road right by her house that if you park your car at the right time, you can see right into her window.

Letterman: Can you give the coordinates on that a little later?

Perry: Absolutely—during the break!

[uproarious laughter from audience]
Perry then set off on a rambling story of adventure in which he spends an evening schmoozing with director M. Night Shyamalan--you know, thinking he's going to be asked to star in Shyamalan's next movie. My partner said "I know where this is going". I finished the thought: "And it ain't gonna be pretty". After describing how he hung out with this man for a couple of hours, Perry reveals the denouement:
Perry: I realize, the whole time—it’s not M. Night Shyamalan. It’s just an Indian guy.

[uproarious laughter]

Letterman: [laughing a bit uncomfortably] Wow. I don’t know what to say about that.
Perry finished up the story by saying that when he realized it was not Shyamalan, he “felt dirty” and “high-tailed it out of there”.

As I yelled at my teevee: I feel dirty too, just watching you tell this story, Mr. Perry.

Below the fold is a YouTube video of the ten-minute interview, although for all I know the video will disappear. In any case the important bits are written down here in black and blue.

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