Absurdist Snuggie News

First of all, what's up with this new Snuggie-type thing? It's sort of like a sweater vest for two, but with a little "porthole," if you will, just the size of an infant's face, allowing said infant to ... uhhh ... peek out. The effect is, unfortunately, more reminiscent of Kuato of Total Recall fame (see below) rather than something cutesy-utesy. I don't have anything to say other than "Jebus, that's creepy!" which I am guessing is so not the manufacturer's aim.

And then there's this article, wherein some Libertarian douche has been photographing various right-wing "celebrities" (like Joe the Plumber and Tucker Carlson (aren't both their fifteen minutes up yet?)) in a gently used Snuggie to dispel the myth "that conservatives and libertarians have no sense of humor." That anyone gives two fucks about Joe the Plumber and Tucker Carlson proves that your whole world view is a joke. Ergo...

Anyway, I did some research. I could find no evidence that Joe the Plumber is married. So I have to ask: Why does Joe the Plumber hate babies?

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