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Back in February, I wrote about an upcoming film starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman called The Baster, based on a short story by Jeffrey Eugenides about a man who finds out his ex-girlfriend is going to artificially inseminate herself and secretly replaces the donor sperm with his own. And, yes, it's a comedy.

But wait—it gets better!

Shaker Lesley just emailed me about an online posting seeking extras for the film, which will, according to the posting, "feature some cruel humor." The extras being sought include:

• "heavy set women who is able to ride a bike and comfortable in provocative wardrobe who is comfortable having profanities shouted at her"

• "woman with a round face, small eyes, and upturned nose who is comfortable having profanities shouted out at her"

• "rail thin teen boy with bad skin, bad acne"

Sounds like a laugh riot.

Do Aniston and Bateman (and Jeff Goldblum, who's also in this piece of rubbish) really not have enough money? Because they're sure not doing this film on principle; in fact, it appears they're doing it despite its utter void of anything resembling any sort of principle that's ever existed in the same galaxy as common fucking decency.

I continue to be amazed that, in spite of its being an unceasingly vomitous font of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ablism, fat hatred, and other sundry bigotries and hostilities, and in spite of the consistent examples that its major players will exchange all reason and conscience for a big paycheck, and in spite of its ubiquitous thinly-veiled version of the conservative veneration of Teh Market, merely substituting ticket-buying filmgoers for marketeers with the same intractable insistence on ignoring the commentary provided by who isn't participating in their rigged game, and in spite of the plethoric evidence that films like Norma Rae* and Brokeback Mountain are huge and notable exceptions, not the rule, and for every Brokeback Mountain there are 10 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larrys, and for every Matt Damon there are 100 Dane Cooks, Hollywood is nonetheless yet regarded as a bastion of liberalism.

My fat, bike-riding, profanities-deflecting ass.


* Hello, that was made when I was five.

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