My New Mustang

I can live up to my nickname once again.

It's been almost a year since my 1995 Mustang GT was totaled, and a one-year mourning period is enough.

It’s a 2007, with the 4.0 L V-6 and a five-speed automatic. It has the requisite exhaust growl and it handles like it’s on rails. I got it at Maroone Ford in Fort Lauderdale after going on the internet and doing a search for what I wanted and what I could afford. Then I sent it out to all the Ford dealers in the Miami area saying that I wanted a new or used (back as far as 2007) Mustang V-6 convertible with automatic, any color except black or white, and the first one back to me at or below $17K would get the sale. Maroone came through after a bit of haggling, and that’s what I got. The Kelly Blue Book suggested retail price on this model is $17,240, and I paid about that—including taxes, title, tag, prep, and a limited warranty. It’s also “certified pre-owned,” which means they actually inspected the car and fixed it up, like put new tires on it and so forth. By the way, Maroone (pronounced Mah-rooney) is located in Wilton Manors, the gay neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, and they support a lot of the Pride events. I didn't know that when I went there, but I'm glad to hear that I'm supporting a gay-friendly business.

Standard equipment on the 2007 is power everything except seats (they adjust ten different ways manually), A/C, cruise, AM/FM/CD player with MP-3 capability, keyless entry, etc., etc. I don’t need anything more than that.

I really like the color, too. Although I had thought of getting another red one, this is a nice shade, and it’s not like I haven’t had a blue car before.

My 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE Safari can now go back into it's genteel retirement after being called back into action a year ago. I will drive it to the store and keep it out of the elements until it's time to go to the restoration shop...after I've paid off the new car.

I can imagine the conversation going on in the garage now...

PONTIAC: So, you're the new kid, eh?

MUSTANG: Yep. Nice place you've got here.

PONTIAC: Yeah, it's not bad. And I've been in some tough places before: Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, now here. Twenty years, most of 'em spent parked outside. But I'm Canadian, so I can take it.

MUSTANG: Gee, twenty years! How many miles on you?

PONTIAC: Oh, Two-fifty, give or take a hundred.

MUSTANG: Wow! Two hundred and fifty thousand miles! You've been everywhere!

PONTIAC (modestly): Well, not everywhere... But I get around. Got a few dents and dings, I'm on my second A/C, third water pump, third alternator, and I've lost track of the tires...

MUSTANG: Well, I hope I do as well. (Pause) So tell me... the owner... what's he really like?

PONTIAC: He's okay. He takes care of me. He'll take care of you, too. He took care of your predecessor pretty well.

MUSTANG: My predecessor?

PONTIAC (with a tinge of sadness): Yeah. Pretty little thing, '95 Mustang GT. Red with white leather interior...

MUSTANG: What happened?

PONTIAC: Near as I can figure, about a year ago at the intersection of Biltmore Way and Segovia in Coral Gables, this Infiniti was testing the theory that two molecules could occupy the same space at the same time, and using that '95 Mustang as a test subject. Didn't work out.

MUSTANG: Gosh.... It's been a year?

PONTIAC: Yep. But you're in good hands now. Just remind him every so often to change the oil and check the battery. He's got me on the battery life support, but that's just because I won't be going to work every day any more. I get to spend the days quietly remembering all those trips to Colorado, and Michigan, and Santa Fe, and Taos, and.... (Slowly drifts off.)

MUSTANG (softly): Sleep well, old pal. I got it now.

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