Just Kiss the GOP Goodbye

I've got a new piece at The Guardian's CifA about Meghan McCain telling Laura Ingraham to kiss her fat ass—and how maybe McCain's best bet is telling the Republican Party the same thing, if she's not just following her pop's trajectory:
The feud is getting a lot of attention for all the expectedly grim reasons, starting with "Catfight!" and ending at the increasingly familiar, desperate and yawn-inducing flailings of a party adrift and leaderless, keen to crown the conservative ingénue the future of their unpopular party, after a series of other coronations have failed to produce the Big Awesome: All hail Sarah Palin! No, Joe the Plumber! Wait, we meant Rush Limbaugh! Oops, make that Bobby Jindal! Hang on, let's try Meghan McCain!

And then there's the McCain legacy that prescribes extended flirtations with the media by boldly attacking fellow conservatives. Temporarily. Until such notoriety has been achieved nationally among conservatives that one's career necessitates renouncing all that critical thinking stuff.

...Perhaps Meghan McCain is merely on step one of the three-step McCain Denounce-Bask-Backpedal Plan. ...Or perhaps Meghan McCain is a genuine trailblazer, the "progressive Republican" she calls herself...
Read the whole thing here.

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