GOP = Grovel to One Person

With each passing day, the Republican Party displays a level of weakness and subservience that borders on pathetic. In other words, their desire for autocracy has become more overt. For all of their big talk on military strength and standing firm in opposition to Obama, they seem to have a desperate need for approval from just one person: Rush Limbaugh.

As Liss pointed out, Republicans are tripping over themselves to make sure they remain in Rush's favor after daring to question his comments and motives, thereby deferring to him, in no uncertain terms, as their one true leader. I could certainly point out all of the alarming rhetoric from Limbarf that makes his ascendancy all the more scary and dangerous for rational thinking people. However, what Republicans fail to realize is that they're in just as much danger from this.

Several Republicans have voiced the need for their party to effectively redefine their identity and become more inclusive. After getting their asses handed to them in November, they realized that the party's broad-brush image of greedy, belligerent and racist white men needed to change. With Michael Steele, they could certainly tick off one item on the checklist, but that in of itself will not bring person 1 to their side of the aisle. They need to come up with ideas and policies that are a cold-turkey break from the last couple of decades, as well as a break from the theocratic right. But regardless of which direction they wish to move, they're only marching to wherever Rush wants them to march. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a forfeit of identity. By aligning themselves so closely to Rush, they become the party of Limbarf instead of the party of alternate viewpoints that could possibly bring more voters to their side. And so, my warning to the Republican Party is this: A political party that follows is not a political party that leads.

I'm not sure that a sex-touristing radio personality is the right choice for leading a political party, but hey, it's not my party. If they want to goose-step their way forward to the voice of one leader, and stifle any form of individual thought or dissent within their own ranks, and declare party loyalty above everything else (especially what's best for the country), and... oh wait.

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