America's Future, the Cliffs Notes Republican Version

The Republicans apparently got pretty ticked off at President Obama:
To a bunch of the critics out there, I've already said, 'Show me your budget!' I'm happy to have that debate.

"There are those who say, 'You know you're taking on too much,''' Obama said, "'Your budget is too ambitious'.... that we can only focus on one problem at a time."
How dare he suggest they're full of hot gas! Oh man, they're gonna prove that they totally DO have ideas and a budget of their own, yes uh-huh, shut up if you don't think so. They so TOTALLY do. In fact, here it is:

See? TOLD you. And if you somehow think that's not totally awesome and totally gonna save our country and get everyone a pony and make Jesus return, just go ahead and check out the whole plan, smarty. All nineteen pages of it. (pdf link)

Nineteen pages. Dude, they totally spent a couple of hours on it.

Insert your own "Underpants Gnomes" joke here.

Update. Boehner:
Two nights ago, the president said, "We haven't seen a budget yet out of Republicans." Well, that's not true because, here it is, Mr. President.

Today we're introducing a detailed road to recovery plan. And our plan curbs spending, creates jobs, and cuts taxes while controlling the debt. And while the president's budget is anti- stimulus, we believe that our budget plan will strengthen the economy and restore fiscal sanity here in Washington. The American people expect both parties to work together to solve our economic problems, and we should start now.

This isn't the first time that we've offered a better solution. As you all know, we had a solution on the stimulus bill that cost half as much as the Democrat proposal and would have created twice as many jobs. And we're going to continue -- in those cases where we have to disagree with the president, we believe it is our obligation to offer a better solution if we're in disagreement.

I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

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