Today in Stupid, Pointless Crap

To Republicans, this is the important thing to note about the stimulus package. How high would a stack of 100 dollar bills be, if it were a trillion dollars high? And if they were laid end to end, how many times would it wrap around the earth?

Can we talk about a waste of taxpayers' time? Can we talk about a waste of taxpayers' money, on his little show 'n tell visual aids?

I'm living in a cuckoo clock. (Partial transcript below)
Senator John Thune (R-SD): I want to put up a chart, Mr. President, that illustrates that very point. Because a lot of people, if you, uh, if you think about a trillion dollars, if you put 'em back to back. If you put a bunch of 100 dollar bills back to back, on top of each other, and you ask somebody around the country "How high would that stack go?" I'm sure you'd get a lot of varying answers, you'd probably have some people say, "Well, it might, you know, it might go 300 yards into the air." Some people might say "Well it might go five miles into the air." But the reality is, if you took 100 dollar bills, Mr. President. Stacked them on top of each other. You would have a stack. That goes six hundred and eighty-nine. Miles. High. Back to back to back, and that's hundred dollar bills. We're not talking about dollar bills, we're talking about hundred...
(The rest when I can find it)

(Energy Dome tip to Steve.)

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