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Last night during our typical Wednesday night Lost-Top Chef-a-thon, Kenny Blogginz (courageously braving the plague), Iain, and I saw a teaser trailer for the upcoming film, Miss March, a charming tale about a pro-abstinence teenage boy who succumbs to pressure to lose his virginity to his pro-sex teenage girlfriend after his best friend gets him drunk on liquid courage, but, before he can do the deed, falls down some stairs and goes into a coma—from which he awakens four years later only to discover his then-girlfriend is a Playboy centerfold. Zoinks! Naturally, he and his drunk-making BFF embark on a road trip so he can "win her back," i.e. get her to jump on his still-virginal willy.

The extended trailer provides even more snippets of hilarity you can expect from the film, including a black woman bouncing out the window of a moving vehicle while seducing one of the young white male protagonists, to his uproarious apathy!

I'd like it to be noted that this film not only has a character named Horsedick.MPEG, but also a character known only as "Horsedick's Homeboy."

All of which I share with you just to pass on this exchange at Shakes Manor when we saw the trailer:

Liss: WTF?

KBlogz: They're two of The Whitest Kids U' Know, who usually make fun of movies like that. Me and my friend were watching an episode of the show when we first saw that trailer. We thought it was a sketch.

He then gave me a very sad look.

It's probably about the same look I had when I read about John Cusack starring in Hot Tub Time Machine.

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