Question of the Day

And the natural follow-up to yesterday's QotD is: What is your least favorite film that tries to pass itself off as a charming romance?

This, you'll note, is not just a question about a film you didn't like, but a question about a film with plot points so objectionable (e.g. anti-feminist, pro-patriarchal retrofuckery, racist, etc.) you were left less romanced than spittin' mad.

Without hesitation, my answer to this question is the repulsive and overtly pro-rape Superbad, which I was stunned to find is frequently called a romantic comedy by people who like it—and has inexplicably been filed or described as a romantic comedy by some reviewers.

If I stick to a more classic exemplar of the genre, my vote would be cast for the 1955 Ernest Borgnine vehicle Marty, which for years I'd heard was this lovely romance about two quirky people falling in love. I finally watched it a few months ago and loathed it with a red hot fiery passion. It's like Nice GuyTM: The Movie. The character of Marty is not a charming loner but an emotionally manipulative asshole who bullies the awkward girl he meets by shouting at her "All I wanted was a kiss!" after she refuses (the 1955 onscreen equivalent of) pityfucking him. It's horrible. I have no idea why anyone would find it romantic.

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