Oh My Aching Sides: A Lecture on Principles from Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich, who, about this time last year, was moaning long-sufferingly about (liberal) citizens who have the temerity to get involved in their political process, has now taken to the pages of the Washington Times to encourage (conservative) citizens to get involved in their political process—and he's got a handy-dandy three-step guide on what they should do:
1. Advocate first principles with courage, clarity, persistence and cheerfulness.

2. Insist on developing solutions based on those principles and insist on measuring other proposals against those principles.

3. Be prepared to oppose Republicans when they are wrong and side with Democrats when they are right, but always make the decision to support or oppose a matter of first principles and the application of those principles.
That conservatives aren't laughing themselves sick over being hectored about principles by the cavernous integrity-void that is Newt Gingrich is all the evidence one needs about the existence of those principles to which he's admonishing them to adhere.

There's a lot of blah blah blah and then Gingrich then offers this gem:
Finally, the conservative movement has to learn to reach out to every American who wants a better future through freedom, hard work and opportunity.
Offer void if you are colored, queer, or in possession of both ladybits and aspirations beyond being Gingrich's fourth wife (or an equivalent Old Republican White Guy with Upstanding Moral ValuesTM).

This fuckneck and Limbaugh are the best they've got. Wow.

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