Kafka du Jour

We're in a different kind of war, you know. One with "unlawful enemy combatants" where if you are picked up on the battlefield, you have no rights to contest your detention. The Obama admin defends this. So you can be locked away forever. Maybe longer. Unless you're not an enemy combatant at all. And you die. Like Diliwar.

Kafka du Jour: " . . . if you're unlucky enough to live in a country the United States has invaded, you just have to take your chances and hope you don't accidentally get caught up in the Kafkaesque prison nightmare we seem to favor. There's no way out unless someone decides, out of the goodness of their hearts or perhaps on a whim, to let you go."

This misbegotten War on Terror TM has had more than its share of errors in its conception, its execution, and its endless consequences. If it is inconvenient for the government to address detainees' redress of grievances, let's not dress up what is going on here. It's damned inconvenient when you are locked away forever as an enemy combatant when you are not a combatant at all. The living will complain now, silent. The dead complain not at all.

The Heretik

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