In Which Portly Becomes a Noodge

So, I had occasion to ask 'Liss about how the monthly fundraiser went yesterday.

She informed me that, based on a conservative estimate of her weekly hours as blog-mistress, and the funds contributed, this month she'll be reaping a fabulous wage of $3.10/hour.

She cheerily added "Still -- a raise from last month, when I was working for less than $2/hour!"

When I checked the web-stats, this blog had over 11,000 individual visits just yesterday -- on a national holiday -- and averages between 200k and 300k visits each month.

Now remember:
If you really can't donate -- this isn't addressed to you.
If you've already donated -- this also isn't addressed to you.

However, if you can donate, and you read this blog daily, or comment, or enjoy the community, or benefit from touting your own blog in any of the numerous blog-roundups each week, or love that you do not have to look at Gaaaah!-worthy ads like "1 Rule To a Flat Stomach" when you visit here -- and you haven't made a donation . . . .

. . . . then please make a donation.

Extremely Gentle Nudge:
Click Here To Donate NOW!!!!

Even small donations help.

One of my greatest hopes at present is that we can somehow get out from under the tyranny of the monopolized and corporatized MSM -- because it nauseates and disgusts me.

A great way to help that happen is to keep responsible, thoughtful, progressive journalists thriving.

Lecture over.

And now, a busker's cookie for you --

(Oh, and one last little thing. I can't help but remember that 'Liss' dedication to progressivism was recently brought up for question because she purchased a pair of Nike shoes on ebay. I find that kind of ironic, when she's working a more than full-time job for less than half the minimum wage.)

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