I Am Unstimulated

The stimulus bill has passed the Senate; now the House and Senate must reconcile the differences in their respective versions to finalize a comprehensive bill.

Maybe it's because if I hear the word "stimulus" once more time, I fear I will gouge out my own ears with a rusty spanner, or maybe it's the sinking feeling I have that the stimulus bill wasn't that great to begin with and now has been bipartisanized into complete uselessness, or maybe it's that I've pretty much resigned myself to expecting nothing better than a long, ugly couple of years, irrespective of what happens with this bill, and quite likely all three, but I just can't muster the energy to get excited, irate, or anything in between about this hot mess of a legislative clusterfucktastrophe.

I am at the whims of our Congress. That is never a good place to be. May my faux apathy buoy me, and insulate me from my authentic terror!

Meanwhile, here's some fun financial news about how close we came to total financial collapse last fall. Sleep well tonight!

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