Current, My Ass

So, last night, I'm looking for something to put on the TV as background noise while we're working, and I see that Current is airing a collection of documentary profiles of "powerful women" under the title "I Am Still a Woman."

First reaction is that I hate the title (still a woman? you mean being successful doesn't turn you into a man?!), but the premise sounds interesting, so I put it on.

And it's pretty good. There was a bit about a playwright whose subject is Israel, a bit about the owner/manager of an alternative construction company, a bit about an inner-city educator, a bit about a women-run community in China, etc.

In between each "pod," the host, Michelle Lombardo, says something inane but unobjectionable, like, "That was great, wasn't it? I loved it! Powerful women are great, aren't they? Next up…" Except for one time, coming back from commercial, when she said (approximately): "Welcome back. We're profiling strong, powerful women—but don't worry, guys. It's not scary. You never know, you might even learn something!"

Let's see how many sexist assumptions were wrapped up in that one little communiqué:

• Power is a zero-sum game between the sexes.
• Powerful women threaten men.
• Men are scared of powerful women.
• Powerful women disinterest men.
• Men's interest can only be captured by challenging them.

Not bad for about 20 words.

Note to Current: If your hosts are going to take to the airwaves to promulgate retrofuck memes like "strong women make men's wieners shrivel," you might want to consider changing your name. Because that shit's as old as dirt, my friends.

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