But Roe!!!!!11!1eleventy!

It is precisely this sort of retrofuckery I was talking about when I kept saying during the election, like a broken record, that beating knowledgeable pro-choice women and men over the heads with the Democrats Will Protect Roe card was an outdated argument—because the abortion battlefield has been relocated to state governments.
North Dakota's House of Representatives has passed a bill effectively outlawing abortion.

The House voted 51-41 this afternoon to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person.

That means a fetus could not be legally aborted without the procedure being considered murder.
The paragon of virtue who sponsored this bill, Republican State Representative Dan Ruby, says the bill will withstand any challenge based on Roe's precedent because, "This is the exact language that's required by Roe vs. Wade. It stipulated that before a challenge can be made, we have to identify when life begins, and that's what this does." The North Dakota State Senate will now consider the bill, which, if again passed, will certainly go thereafter to the courts for a constitutional challenge.

I'd like to note that, since a fertilized egg is actually dependent on another human body for its survival, the ND House technically voted to confer upon a fertilized egg more rights than any person. Unless, that is, ND has also passed a law allowing its citizens to, say, demand a spare kidney from any compatible donor, irrespective of the donor's consent.

[H/T to Shaker Ann.]

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