Ahh, Romance

Nothing says romance like the whiff of potential spousal murder:
It's an unusual combination. Buy a pair of diamond earrings, get a free gun.

General Coin and Gun Exchange owner Brian Zinn says since "guys like guns and girls like diamonds," he would "mesh the two together this year."

…Zinn says if you buy a $400 pair of diamond earrings, you can pick any gun in the store worth under $300.

The free gun deal runs through Valentine's Day.
Now, I don't think that every, or even most, of the men who want a little bang with their bling are going to kill their wives. I fervently hope that none of them will! I'm just creeped the hell out by the whole offer because I know that one third of female murder victims are killed by an intimate, mostly spouses, I know that proportion is on the rise, and I know that one of the primary motivations for men who murder their wives is protecting their material possessions that might be lost in a divorce. So the idea of a dude buying a valuable possession at the same time he buys a potential murder weapon, no less under the banner of Valentine's Day, when more couples break up than at any other time of the year, is just spine-tingling.

The whole thing is okay, though, you see, because Zinn says that "some wives have been sending their husbands into the store" to take advantage of the hot deal. It's not noted, naturally, that's according to the husbands, not the wives who allegedly sent them.


[H/T to Shaker Trina.]

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