Sad, Really

During the election, I remember there were those that idly wondered what had happened to Ann Coulter. As the media just lurves to trot her out for "outrageous" and "hilarious" quotes when something's going on politically, it seemed a little odd that Coulter was conspicuously absent. Some people felt that the Right was keeping her under wraps so she wouldn't embarrass them during the buildup to election day, but let's face it, when has that ever stopped her before?

Well apparently, Coulter has been busy slopping out a new book. Oh, joy. Now we can now look forward to her making the rounds on the shows, hawking her latest, which will no doubt be written with as much attention to accuracy as her other, ahem, creations. (Update: As oddjob points out in comments, the fact-checking has already begun.)

Of course, we'll have the usual outrage when she inevitably says something incredibly offensive, lefty bloggers will protest (and their commenters will tell them to "just ignore her"), righty bloggers will cheer (and their commenters will take Coulter's statements to higher extremes), and then the book will be remaindered. And then we'll all have a few months of peace until the next "book."

As I looked over the excerpts of the "hilarity" in the Media Matters article, I wasn't too surprised by anything that I saw. Actually, they were all pretty easy to predict. I expected vicious misogyny (Coulter just loves to hate women), and I got it. "Who's the biggest pussy?" Obama or Clinton? That's hysterical! She swipes at "Republican turncoats;" oooh, how edgy! She calls Scott McClellan "retarded." Stop, my sides! Obama, Halle Berry and Alicia Kyes (way to keep your thumb on those current events, Ann... Berry won her Oscar in, what, 2002?) would never have gotten to where they are without playing "the race card." Hey, don't get offended, she's just being funny! Really, it's just the usual Coulter Cry For Attention(tm) that we've all come to expect.

Except for one bit. I've got to admit, this surprised me; I really didn't think Coulter's barrel had any bottom left.
Coulter calls children whose parents divorce "future strippers" in a chapter titled "Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother":
"In any event, divorced mothers should be called "divorced mothers," not "single mothers." We also have a term for the youngsters involved: "the children of divorce," or as I call them, "future strippers." It is a mark of how attractive it is to be a phony victim that divorcées will often claim to belong to the more disreputable category of "single mothers." [Page 36]
Later in the chapter, Coulter writes: "Single motherhood is like a farm team for future criminals and social outcasts." [Page 38]
I don't think Coulter has made such a desperate attempt to deliberately offend such a large group of people since she gave 9/11 widows the finger. Apparently, she doesn't think any of her readers (or potential readers) have ever been through a divorce. Or, more likely, she simply doesn't give a fuck.

At this point, I don't know who's the more desperate, pathetic book shill: Coulter or Jonah Goldberg.

(I'd like to respectfully request that we refrain from "tranny" ahem, "jokes," and "jokes" of a similar tone at Coulter's expense in comments. We have a zero tolerance policy for that here. Energy dome tip to Digby.)

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