Natural Allies: Part 1,365,842 in a Series

Shaker Iscah passes on this article from the BBC about the most ubiquitous insults currently used by schoolchildren. See if you notice anything the list has in common:

Gay (83%)
Bitch (59%)
Slag (45%)
Poof (29%)
Batty boy (29%)
Slut (26%)
Queer (26%)
Lezzie (24.8%)
Homo (22%)
Faggot (11%)
Sissy (5%)

I'm pleased to see The PatriarchyTM so successfully entrenching itself among the next generation. Otherwise, we feminazi bitchez and hysterical queers might genuinely have to start "looking for things to get mad about" in order to maintain the level of sustained outrage which confers upon Democratic presidents who ignore us that elusive and priceless currency with conservatives who want to destroy them.

And us.


As an aside, I want to note that the top epithets were compiled based on responses to a survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, the British teachers' union. The respondents were asked to report which slurs they overheard most frequently. Given that teaching in Britain is still a predominantly white and female occupation, privilege could certainly be playing a part in these results, specifically the lack of any racial epithets, which still flourish in Britain—that is, white women may have been more likely to hear/register insults demeaning women and gays than insults demeaning racial minorities. Or, the results merely reflect a lack of significant diversity. Quite possibly, it's a combination of both.

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