It's That Time of the Month Again

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Remember a couple of months ago when a whole lotta Shakers said that it was important to them to support this blog? And how they'd appreciate a gentle nudge once a month to remind them to donate? Well . . . . here it is:

Extremely Gentle Nudge:
Click Here To Donate NOW!!!!
(see notes about donations under the fold)

Also -- yes indeed, you do get a cookie.

Here is another PortlyDyke Really-Old-But-Still-Painfully-Relevant standup routine -- this time, a song about Homos and the Holly Bibel (turn on close-captioning in the lower right if needed):

Notes about donations:
  • If you hate Paypal, or can't use it, contact Melissa about snail-mail donation options. Her email is on the contributor's page.
  • You don't have to use a Paypal Account to donate through Paypal -- use the link in the lower left of the Paypal page that says: "Don't have a Paypal Account?" and you can enter a credit/debit card as you would at any other online vendor. Amazon Honor Pay has been discontinued, or we'd offer that option, too.
  • Donations go to Melissa. She will use them as she sees fit.
  • If you love Shakesville, and really can't donate, please don't feel badly, and if you love Shakesville and you can donate, please donate.
  • Sometimes people say: "I donated my pennies -- I wish I could give more!" -- please know that your pennies add up! Shakesville gets an average of 10-12K+ visitors every day, but donors represent a fraction of 1% of that, and most contribute small amounts -- if every visitor contributed just one penny - once a month - our QCoFM might actually start approaching a living wage that supports her excellent writing, fantabulous blog, and all that she does to foster and sustain the Shakesville community. Take those pennies and pound them into teaspoons!
Notes about the Vid/Queer History Moment:

It's interesting to me that I referenced Harvey Milk in this routine, what with Milk recently-released and all -- even at the time this video was made (1991), a lot of queers had already forgotten (or were too young to remember) Harvey Milk's murder in 1978 -- and Dan White's "Twinkie Defense" (which reduced White's conviction from murder to voluntary manslaughter).

The vanishing of Queer History is an ongoing challenge for my community, and I, for one, am grateful that Harvey's story is being brought to light again.

I would be doubly grateful if the song I sang above was now hopelessly dated and pertinent only as a quaint cultural artifact.

But . . . . teaspoons.

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