Do I Hear Four Million?

A bunch of people have sent me this story, about 22-year-old Natalie Dylan, who's auctioning off her virginity, the bidding for which has reportedly reached $3.7 million. Dylan says she conceived the idea after her sister paid for her college education by prostituting herself for three weeks. The proceeds will help the women's studies major (!) pay for "an advanced degree in family and marriage therapy."

I suppose it's too much to hope that this is an elaborate ruse that will serve as the basis for a thesis on the commodification of women's bodies.

I also suppose it's too much to hope that the highest bidder is a raging feminist who will tell Dylan to get her education and keep her cherry.

I have, by the way, thoughts on the sort of dude who would pay $3.7 million for a fuck, as well as thoughts on a culture in which a young, intelligent woman's most precious asset is her unsullied cunt, but I'm going to wager I don't need to waste my time typing them out for you clever lot.

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