Hillary Sexism Watch, #114

by Shaker ScottRS

By now, you've likely seen the photo of putative Obama administration Director of Speechwriting Jon Favreau, posed with his hand on the right breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton. On the right is another (unidentified) person (wearing an "Obama Staff" t-shirt, no less), holding the head of the cutout, putting a bottle of beer to the cutout's lips, and delivering a kiss.

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Reactions? "Boys will be boys." "He's only 20-something and just blowing off steam and having fun." "It's just a cardboard cutout." "Lighten up." "All in good fun."

I have read multiple comments suggesting that those who don't find the photo pants-peeing funny are just making mountains out of molehills, and trivializing the "real" problems women face.

Somehow, this isn't objectification since it's a cardboard cutout.

Somehow, sexism isn't "real" if it's clearly a "joke" and Clinton (allegedly) laughed it off (though one must wonder how immune she must be to this stuff by now—and of course she'd be labeled humorless if she hadn't laughed it off).

Somehow, it's not demeaning and disrespectful since it's merely an alcohol-fueled lapse of judgment. I guess he's a hero for managing not to call the cutout "sugar tits."

I'm not so much upset as disheartened. I hoped against all hope that our country might, one day and once again, at a bare minimum, be run by responsible adults.

This is made all the more astounding in light of the…umm…comprehensive Obama administration vetting process.

But why, pray tell, do so many people seem so compelled to make excuses for what is, at best, such puerile, obnoxious, and just plain disrespectful behavior?

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