Palin is Really Ready (if only someone would call her!)

Apparently Palin's name was not on the do-call list for the White House when it came to keeping the current candidates up to date about the US troops in Iraq. During a State Department presser about it, spokesman Sean McCormack made it clear why she's not among the chosen three (followed by some awfully cheeky comments from the press).

Q: You called Senator Biden, you called McCain. Did you also call Governor Palin?

McCORMACK: No. If you hadn’t noticed, she’s a governor. Not a senator or a congressman.

Q: She’s a vice presidential candidate.


Q: She also has extensive foreign affairs experience. (LAUGHTER)

McCORMACK: Right. I explained to you the reasoning behind the phone call.

Q: Maybe if this has to do with Russia, you would have called her.
When an irrelevant administration thinks you're irrelevant, it's time to consider going back home. Ya think? You betcha! (wink)

[H/T to ThinkProgress]

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