I'm Going to be Joe the Plumber for Halloween

One of the unfortunate things we have to put up with when we have the windows open in our home is being able to hear others in our building. It's not like we hear conversations, but if there's a game on, we know when someone has made a touchdown or home run or whatever. And if someone has a party going on, we're very aware of it.

Early this spring, we had the windows open on a warm evening, and someone in our building or the one next door was having a party. It was obvious the booze was flowing free, because the drunken noise was steadily increasing in volume. And then we heard him: Happy Cheering Drunk Guy.

"Heyyyyy! Everybody! Sabanagbly! (the third word was always completely mushmouthed and unintelligible) Wooooooo!"

This went on for a good three hours. About every fifteen minutes, HCDG decided he had to shout his boozy joy to the heavens.

"Heyyyy! Everybody! Flambagamblan! Wooooooo!"

The husband and I were in hysterics, and that has become a permanent fixture in our banter.

So last night, we're watching the final debate. The husband, who has been rather blasé about the race until the debates started, has been (rather amusingly) filled with venom when watching McCain's performances, which led to my favorite exchange of all three debates:

H: "God, he's so annoying! I can't stand listening to him speak!"

Me: "Yeah, Obama is totally mopping the floor with him. Look at his face; he can barely conceal his rage; he's got so much contempt inside him. It's like he can't believe he's being forced to share a stage with someone he loathes, and he's amazed that he's losing."

H: "He's just such an asshole..." (McCain tries to pull a "They're for vouchers!" gotcha.) Oh, shut the fuck up! GOD!"

Me: "He really is the most unlikable Presidential candidate I've ever seen."

H: "At least Bush was more entertaining in the debates. McCain is just an asshole, but Bush was like, 'Heyyyy! Everybody! Sangablafhba! Woooooo!'"

I can't argue with that.

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