Nights in the Vomitorium

Can we just talk for a moment about how much I want to barf every time I see the trailer for Nights in Rodanthe?

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, just watch this bit at 1:11:

"I made that. It's to keep special things safe."

"Who keeps you safe?"


I seriously cannot even TELL you how profoundly I am compelled to laugh maniacally and pretend to blow chucks every single time Iain and I have the misfortune to see that advert. Iain now waits with glee on the edge of his seat every time it comes on, staring at me with an evil little expectant grin on his face, just to watch my reaction.

By the time they get to, "We saved each other," I am practically on the floor, writhing in pain. It's literally like someone made this trailer just to irritate me.

So, basically, I laughed my tits off last night when Stephen Colbert ripped it a new one. "I love loving!" Ha!

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