Saying David Brooks is the worst is like showing people pictures you took of the Eiffel Tower on your Parisian holiday—it's a little trite and obvious, and more talented people than you have done the thing better justice already.

And even knowing that, I cannot resist: David Brooks is the worst.

Only someone who is Totally The Worst would write the line:
The feminists declare that [Sarah Palin]'s not a real woman because she doesn't hew to their rigid categories.
—and try to pass it off as anything other than a joke, a ridiculous caricature of authentic feminism drawn for giggles.

I would like David Brooks to produce five, just five, examples of prominent feminists arguing that Sarak Palin is "not a real woman." After all, if "the feminists" have "declared" it, all ninety gajillion of us, then finding five examples from actual feminists shouldn't be a problem at all.

I would also like the New York Times to give the same amount of space to a living, breathing feminist for one year as they give to Brooks and his pal MoDo. If those two jackasses are going to have free rein to invoke strawfeminists whenever the fuck they want, giving space to a flesh feminist is the bloody least the Times can do.

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