You know, there are a lot of reasons I'm feeling pissed about John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin.

I'm pissed at the Dems because it feels like they let Clinton get beat to fuck against that glass ceiling until she was black and blue only for the fucking Republicans to make use of her sacrifice, while the Democrats gave us a total dipshit who made fun of his wife being educated in his acceptance speech.

And I'm pissed at the GOP who, chief among them John McCain, have made patently clear while going after Obama that the experience threshold for a national ticket is beyond what he has, and that said threshold is non-negotiable, but nonetheless chose someone who failed to pass that threshold, ergo heavily suggesting that Palin is merely a token.

And I'm pissed at everyone who's using the nomination of a woman to a national ticket to unleash yet another torrent of misogyny, whether to demean or to "honor" her.

But mostly I'm pissed that John McCain and Karl Rove and the GOP shat all over a historic moment in our nation's history and couldn't give Obama one. goddamn. day. to be rightfully celebrated as a candidate of national historical significance. Everyone should be talking about that speech today. Everyone should be contemplating what it means to have that barrier broken, should be thinking about fucking bookends.

It's something we should be talking about at water coolers and diner counters. It's something we should be thinking about. And I'm pissed that we're not.

It's one thing to steal the thunder of a regular old political candidate; that's all part of this stupid, cynical game. But it wasn't just Obama's thunder McCain endeavored to steal. It wasn't just the Democrats' thunder. It was the thunder of every American—because Obama's nomination was part of the history of this nation and belongs to all its citizens.

Fuck John McCain and his contempt for history and contempt for country and contempt for all of us. The rotten thief.

We should never forget that this announcement, made when it was and how it was, was in no small part because John McCain and Karl Rove and the GOP are hostile to genuine progress and have not the slightest modicum of respect for the history Barack Obama has made.

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