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My friend Matt stages a protest at the Olympics: "Two American activists from the New York-based Students for a Free Tibet unfurled the Tibetan flag among the spectators at the equestrian stadium in Hong Kong's suburban Sha Tin district." Matt and his fellow protester Brianna were removed and banned from the event, but aren't being held or deported. Says Matt via email: "We were silent while holding the flag and within about 15 seconds security was on us, taking the flag down and moving us out of the stadium with a sheet draped over our heads. As that was happening Brianna and I calmly started speaking about what we were doing and why we were acting for Tibet during the Olympics. The protest was nonviolent and the security that removed us were not abusive in any way. We were escorted out of the stadium and informed that we had broken the House Rules at the Olympics by conducting a political demonstration. We were expelled from the stadium, but never detained by HK police and never arrested. … We're now back in our hotel, safe and sound." Right on.

Shaker Tracy sends this article about the guy behind "Colorado's proposed Amendment 48, the so-called Human Life Amendment, a controversial mandate that seeks to confer constitutional rights to fertilized human eggs." Charming.

Shaker Oddjob recommends this interview with out philanthropist, businessman, and Congressional hopeful Jared Polis.

Shaker Lena emails to let us know that part the Westboro Church (aka the Phelps cult) burned and, naturally, Patriarch Fred blames judges and gays: "You won't be surprised the Phelps clan picketed the firefighers who showed up to put out the blaze. Their next-door neighbor thinks the Phelps set it themselves to scare her out. But of course [Fred] is claiming it's a hate crime... Unfortunately, I don't have any violins tiny enough. Maybe it's a sign from God that God hates bigots."

Shaker Meg sends along this item about Australian doctors warning against the "designer vagina" craze. This shit makes me want to start the Betty Ford Feminazi Cooter Center for Rehabilitation, to help women considering such knuckleheadery begin their journey down the road to recovery from the debilitating effects of The Patriarchy. Anyone who even considers surgery to get a "designer vagina" needs an intervention.

And for the baseballies among us, Iain sent this interesting article about closers.

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