Attention, MSM

New rule. If you bring Michelle Malkin on your shows for any reason other than to point out that she is a seriously twisted, dangerous person, or to dump buckets of green slime on her when she says "I don't know," you will all be fired and your network will be replaced with endless repeats of something more informative. I'm thinking Boohbah. I give to you Sadly, No's latest Shorter Michelle Malkin post:
Somebody sent me an email blaming my so-called ‘hate’ for this horrible act of violence against a Democrat Party liberal. Here is that person’s full name and unredacted email address.
And yes, that's exactly what she does. In case you don't remember, this is the same woman that stalked the Frost family, not to mention her readers. This is the same woman who, to put it mildly, has a sticky history with personal information posted on the internet. This is the same woman who wrote a dishonest book cherry-picking comments at liberal blogs as examples of liberals being "unhinged" and dangerous, that has the fucking gall to say (I won't link to her; you can get there from S,N if you must):
I am also guilty of last month’s shooting at a Knoxville church, for which a nutroots blogger similarly says I need to be held “accountable.”

For what? For blogging, writing columns, and authoring books with which they disagree.

Such stalwart, principled champions of free speech they are.
While she posts the full name and email address of someone that "disagrees" on her fucking blog. Without a trace of irony.

Go on, try to tell me she doesn't know exactly what she's doing.

Michelle Malkin is a hateful, vindictive, and yes, "unhinged" human being that has no business being invited on major media outlets. She obviously doesn't give the slightest thought to the safety of people with which she "disagrees," and she contributes to the eliminationist rhetoric that has taken over rational discourse on the right.

People are dying, and it's time to stop pretending that people like Michelle Malkin are doing anything but throwing more coal in the fire.

Update: In case you didn't hear about the shooting, C&L has more.

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