Update from the Sick House

Well, we're both feeling a little better. Last night, Iain was finally able to open his jaw wide enough to eat a proper meal of solid food without having to cut it into eensy-wee pieces first. And, not only that, he could curse at the Cubs at the same time!

My leg seems to be improving, too. Upon waking up and having some increased mobility and decreased pain, my first thought was, "Omigod, I never should have gone to the emergency room yesterday!" Then I had to remind myself that maybe the reason I'm feeling better is BECAUSE I WENT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM (when, as with Iain, none the doctors' offices in our network could see me) and got an anti-inflammatory, a leg brace, and the directive to stay off my fucking leg.

(The latter of which I never would have done had I not been ordered to by a doctor, making the likelihood I'd have certainly felt better anyway vanishingly slim.)

Still, I can't help feeling slightly guilty, just because I feel a bit better. How weird is that? I'm an idiot. (This is not news, of course, lol.)

Based on all your recommendations, I've thoroughly searched the area for any signs of a bug bite, but there's nothing. No redness or swelling, either. No irritation on the surface of the skin. And there was no sign of infection during the ultrasound.

I'm still getting a bit of fever and cold sweats, about which I know a lot of you were concerned yesterday, but I had the same thing when I herniated a disk in my back years ago. It seems to be my body's way of dealing with any kind of serious injury; the doctor who saw me yesterday said that's actually pretty common. Who knew?

Anyway, I've managed to set up shop with the laptop in my chaise lounge, so onward we go...

Thanks very much to everyone for their concern yesterday and to the contributors who took care of all the garbage being spilled all over the blog. (My email is...interesting...at the moment, ahem.) And special thanks to Shakers TinaH and barbara_on_19th for the donations, which are hugely appreciated.


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