Toof Update

A lot of people have been asking after Iain since he had his toof out on Monday, so I just wanted to say thank you and give a quick update.

Unfortunately, he's had a really difficult recovery; the infection that necessitated the tooth extraction in the first place has spread, despite his being on antibiotics, and, by this afternoon, he could barely open his mouth at all, could hardly talk, and couldn't eat. His jaw is just not moving, and his ear and throat have gotten badly infected, too. As you can probably imagine, he is also in excruciating pain.

So I took him to the emergency room, since there weren't any doctors in our area that were open who accept our insurance, and now he's got a stronger antibiotic, which will hopefully knock this thing out at long last. I'll be on Jell-O duty for the duration, so forgive me if I continue to be not around as much as usual.

In the meantime, send healing thoughts our way. He could use 'em.

UPDATE: The super-antibiotics seem to be helping. This morning, Iain's voice sounded normal for the first time in a week, and he was able to turn his head to the side a little bit, which he hasn't been able to do in days. (He's been having to turn his whole upper body, which of course I've been mocking mercilessly, deeming him "Robot Iain," about the only thing that's given him a good laugh.) So a little progress. Iain says he's pretty sure it's all the good thoughts being sent his way... :-)

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